Currently a student studying Software Development. I like to write about my experiences in hopes that they will help someone else or provoke thought.


An Open Journal Entry

A picture of a man with a hoodie on walking on a bridge that leads to a rainbow portal. The entire image is vividly colored in a psychedelic-type way.
Image by Author — “You’ll Find a Way”

I think it’s time for me to start being open and honest about my feelings on here. Being open about my life only when it’s good is a terrible thing to do. If I’m doing that, I’m wearing a mask. I’ve been striving to stop wearing masks and letting the…

Flowmar’s Poems

A Poem

An image of a circle (hollow tube) with eyes on the left and right hand sides.
Image by Author — “Seeing Vices”

Looking back on the lives I’ve lived
Within this eternal lifetime
One in particular stands out
When I was engaged to crime

Alone, cold, sleepy and stoned
It was the worst of my life
There were others on the ride
The same daily struggle and strife

I’m going to stop!

Flowmar’s poems

It’s not necessarily a problem

An image of an eye that has been altered with filters to produce a 3D effect.
Image by Author — “The Seeing Eye”

Maybe I like the fight
The challenge of everything falling apart
The putting-my-foot-down and saying “I am in control of my life!”

Maybe I know exactly what I’m doing
Even though my actions say otherwise
The ones that you dismiss as the antics of a raving lunatic

Maybe I should…

Flowmar’s Poems

A short story and poem

An image of blue and pink polygonal shapes that intersect. The shapes have an eye cut into them.
Image by Author — “Eye”

Betrayal of the cruelest kind
Usually happens from behind
Not this time, you were quite brave
Attack! From the front as I exited the cave

I should have known, yet didn’t believe
Your soothing words weren’t a reprieve
It was a trap, and one most vicious
When I emerged rather…

Flowmar’s Poems

No lone pairs

The word “Unreactive” made out of spheres that look like atoms. The spheres are purple and pink. The shadowing on the letters gives a depth effect.
Image by Author — “Unreactive”

Floating through the solvent
Searching for a mate
All the other acids find their bases
Acetic acid, neutralized Sodium Acetate

My valence shell is full
I don’t do covalent shares
No need for a reaction
As I have no lonely pairs

Electron clouds brim with energy
Which the proton’s trap ensnares

Flowmar’s Poems

Possession, Age 5

An abstract image of faces in fire.
Image by Author — “The Center of Hell, or the Sun? You Decide”

He woke to the sounds of a thunderstorm
Beating away at the serenity of the city
Battered and bruised, his mind asleep
It called him from down the stairs

He was pulled from his bed
By an unseen force
Afraid of the dark
He was weary

But the malevolent psychopath’s…

Flowmar’s Poems

The Present to the Future

A man and a woman throw hoops at each other. The image is superimposed with copies of itself in different colors, giving it an abstract and strange feeling.
Image by Author — “It’s True”

Flagrant disregard for the rules
Created and unfollowed,
Secular, profane, hollow
The man without eyes gazes
At the crowd, some smiling

Some screaming, dancing
Some placing their torches down
At his feet, it’s time.

To pay for your misgivings unto
Mostly… just yourself.

Don’t worry,

I’ll be fine,

I can…

Omar Imam

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